Active Promotions

We currently have the following promotions active and running:

Conquer the Fear

If you are interested in trying tinned fish but you are afraid, we have a special promotion just for you. It’s called A Free Lunch aka The First Taste is Free. All we ask is that you tell us you want to try tinned fish, that you make a guess as to where you think your fears come from, and that you agree to come back and leave a review to encourage others after you try the completely free tin we send you. If you are already eating tinned fish and are looking for something better, we have something for that, as well, it’s called Upgrade Me.

The only people who don’t like tinned fish are the people who haven’t tried it. Americans used to eat tons of tinned fish–herring and oysters and sardines and more–and there were canneries all up and down both coasts. People would argue over which were better California or Maine sardines, and then something happened around the 50s that told people that the only fish okay to eat from a can was tuna. It’s just wrong and we are committed to changing the minds of anyone willing to give it a try.

Team ’dines

  1. Pick your favorite tin of sardines (or anything really), tell us you’re going to try to turn a non-sardine-eating friend on to how good they are, and if you pay for one tin we will ship you that tin and also a second, free tin of the same kind, for your friend to try.
  2. Then, IF you shoot some social media / website suitable video of your hesitant friend and you eating the tins together and both agree to let us use it, we’ll let your friend pick the next two tins and we’ll BOGO that pair, as well, as a no further strings attached reward.

    We’ve noticed two themes running through the population: 1) a huge number of people are interested and genuinely want to try tinned fish but they don’t know how to start, and 2) an astonishing number of people who already eat tinned fish think that they’re alone in their enjoyment. We’d like to bring these two themes together into a song of community.

Product Review Credit

If you have an account created and you leave a review that would help someone else decide between products, for just about any tin you have purchased here, we will give you $5 in store credit for each review. If you purchased items before creating an account, let us know after you have created the account and we can tie that order into the account history. And if you left reviews prior to the start of this offer, just let us know, it is retroactive. Offer does not apply to items whose purchase price is below $5, natch. Store credit cannot be used for shipping charges.

Your time and your singular way of speaking about things have value, and things with value should be recognized. We find it offensive when for-profit businesses ask others to generate content without compensation or recognition.

Correcting Errors Credit

If you find a mistake on our website and let us know about it, we will give you $5 in store credit.

We hate mistakes, and we recognize that we are imperfect. One of our mantras is: continuous incremental improvement.

Free Tin for Special People

We will add a free tin of our choice to your order if you can demonstrate that you (not the person sharing the order with you, not the person you’re sending the order to, not the person who you’re buying these tins for) are:

an artist of any kind (musician, writer, sculptor, dancer, clown, knifemaker),
a teacher of any kind,
a homesteader,
a farmer using organic (or better than organic) methods,
or working in the restaurant, hospitality, or service industry.

We appreciate photos. We like stories that can only be told by people who’ve been there. And we love creative interpretation of the requirement to demonstrate your status. If you are a member of a group not listed here which you feel deserves a free tin, let us know.

We want to recognize groups that too often go unrecognized.

Free Shipping on 2nd Order

If the fact that we don’t offer free shipping is the barrier to you placing your first order, we are willing to make this offer to you. We are so confident our overall purchase experience provides value in excess of any perceived savings of free shipping that we will give you free shipping on your second order (only), if you’ll give us a try with a first order and see how the whole process works. US addresses only. All we require is that you let us know that you would like to take advantage of this offer as you place your first order.

We believe that charging shipping based on any metric other than actual costs is inherently unfair. Chart-based shipping averages costs across all orders which means that some people are paying more than they should while others are paying less than they should.

There is no such thing as free shipping. If you aren’t being charged for shipping, you are paying for it in some other way.

Dan’s Den of Dented Delights

We get a lot of deliveries of a lot of tins from a lot of different places, and inevitably in the course of shipping and receiving so many tins a small percentage (which is still a fairly significant number) end up with slight cosmetic defects. Sometimes the outer box/wrapper is smooshed, or torn or otherwise less-than-perfect. Sometimes there are indentations to the tins that are too slight to present any problems but too great to justify charging full price. We eat a lot of these. Literally. Or use them for samples or photos. But even then there’s a surplus. If you’re interested in some bargain tins, just ask for our current list of items from Dan’s Den of Dented Delights and we’ll send you the list of what’s on hand. Please only ask by putting a note in the Order Notes text box when you place an order.

& More

We also have promotions for existing customers. You’ll see a special offer we share only with returning customers. Repeat customers get small “thank you” gifts in their orders. And we’ve solved the problem of “What extra special lagniappe do you give to the customer who has everything?” The otherwise unobtainable, of course.

The philosophical underpinnings of our offers are that we do pretty much everything with intention, and we have decided that we won’t do anything designed to trick customers into buying or buying more than they wanted.

We don’t send nag emails when you leave your cart, we don’t end prices in .99, we don’t run “flash” sales (or sales of any kind), we don’t do anything to create a false sense of urgency, to name a few.

The hidden price of most sales and promotions is often service (an umbrella term for a legion of things including but not limited to responsiveness, order accuracy, ease of communication, breadth of inventory, depth of inventory, support both prior to and after the sale), or something you can’t see, like how employees are being treated.