Paying For Your Order

When making payment you do not need to reference an order number or your name if the name on the account matches the name on the order. But please do reference your name or order number if the account you pay with does not bear the same name as the order (or if it helps you stay organized). You do not need to send a screen capture of the payment confirmation.

We are pathological responders, and really very quick. You may wish to wait a few minutes after making payment and simply wait for the order complete email with tracking number to serve as your confirmation that we received the payment, saving us both some keystrokes. But do what makes you most comfortable. And if you don’t see shipping notification shortly after payment (during normal working hours, we’re actual people here), then it is worth checking in.

Payment can be made:

1) by Zelle to 570-762-6140 (a preferred method, because no fees)

2) by Apple Cash via text message to 570-762-6140 (a preferred method, because no fees)

3) by Venmo to @rainbowtomatoesgardenllc or via this link: (last four of phone, if it asks, is 6140)

4) by Cash App to $RainbowTomatoesLLC or via this link:$RainbowTomatoesLLC

5) by using PayPal to “Send Money” to or via this link:

6) by telling us you’ve put a check in the mail

If you want to mail a check, please let us know, and then make it out to:
Rainbow Tomatoes Garden LLC
308 Washington St.
Denver, PA 17517

Please note, that’s Denver, PA and not CO.

7) We do not process credit cards. If the only way you can pay is with a credit card, please let us know and we can send a PayPal invoice, which will allow you to use a credit card to make payment, using PayPal as the payment gateway. You do not need a PayPal account for this.

8) We can also be creative in ways others won’t. Need to spread your payment across multiple methods to hide the expense of a fabulous gift? No problem. Don’t have any of these payment methods but know someone who does? No problem. Anyone can pay for your order (but it helps if they add a note indicating the order number or your name so we don’t get confused and can match it up properly). We have even taken unredeemed Amazon gift cards, because we’re small enough that we can do a lot of things other companies wouldn’t even dream of. Ask.