Beyond Good

Several years ago I remember reading that great companies tackle the problem they most fear. We always knew our brand name held us back. And the truth is that, as a younger company, we simply lacked the guts to change our name to something people could pronounce.

The first time we saw Beyond Good we didn’t love it. We thought it was a little plain vanilla (BTW we also make vanilla, which is not plain). It struck us as the type of brand name a big company would slap on a product.

But we thought about it. Then we thought about it again. And again. And the more we let it sink in, the more we loved it. We loved it, especially, in the context of the larger chocolate industry.

“The chocolate industry is broken on two levels. ”

The first problem is that 98% of chocolate on a grocery store shelf is commodity chocolate. Commodity chocolate tastes good. It tastes like … chocolate. The problem is that all commodity chocolate, more or less, tastes the same. Simply tasting good isn’t good enough in this category. We wanted a brand name that addressed the nature of our product itself, the commoditization of the category, and the fact that most consumers have been blinded to the beauty of what real chocolate can taste like.

The second problem in the chocolate industry is … the chocolate industry itself. The global supply chain is broken. 3-4 million cocoa farmers live in perpetual poverty. Big companies don’t know how to fix the problem, so they rely on 3rd-party certifications and throw a lot of money at the problem. Throwing money at this problem may make people feel better about this problem. But it will not fix this problem. Doing what everyone else in the industry is doing and calling it “good” isn’t good enough. Fixing this problem at its core requires a fundamentally different approach to the industry. We wanted a brand name that gives us a platform to articulate the sustainability issues in in the industry, and what we’re doing on the ground in Africa to address them.

Not just good. Beyond Good. In name and practice. We’ll hold ourselves to it. And we expect you to do the same.

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