Cole’s was founded in 2008 by Chris Zabriskie who has always had a passion for the freshest, best tasting fish, seasoned to perfection. While working at Wholefoods, he saw a gap in the marketplace for premium, ready to eat, shelf stable seafood. After conducting some research, Cole’s formed a partnership with Geomar, a strong supplier of premium fish with sustainable fishing practices in Chile. By partnering with Geomar, Cole’s is positioned to expand its distribution in North America and beyond with additional products which conform to the brand’s core principles of freshness, flavor and environmental stewardship.

All of our fish & seafood is caught in the pristine waters of Patagonia & local fishing communities of the Cape Verdean Islands.

Cole’s offers a wide variety of fish & shellfish. Our farmed fish comes from suppliers who are dedicated to best environmental practices, resulting in ASC Certfification ( Our wild caught fish is sourced from fisherman who adhere to sustainable fishing practices.

Our Commitment is to ensure that consumers have the option to choose a sustainable, quality product with exceptional flavor.

(sometimes spelled Coles)

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