Fangst Conservas - Nordic Tinned Seafood

Fangst is the name of this Conservas company. In the Danish and Norwegian languages, the word means ‘catch.’ This melds perfectly with the company mission. Seafood harvested in Nordic waters, canned, and brought to your table. The brand embodies Scandinavian culinary traditions while embracing:

*Sustainable Techniques

*Modern Sensibilities

*A Cultural Evolution of Nordic Foods

*Respect for Nature

*Preserving the Finest Fish

*Sharing Innovative Gastronomy

Within their tins is found the bounty of Scandinavia. A bounty enhanced with fennel seeds, chamomile, dill seed, and other flowers and herbs for your culinary enjoyment. Their fishes are tinned in golden, cold-pressed rapeseed oil that imparts its unique flavor into the product.

Rainbow Tomatoes Garden urges you to experience this Nordic overture of a southern European tradition that is Fangst Conservas.

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