Gulf of Maine Conservas - Wild Bluefin Tuna

Tinned seafood in Portugal, Spain, or Italy is called a “Conserva” which means preserved in those countries. At Gulf of Maine Conservas, only wild-caught tuna sourced from the Gulf of Maine are used. Their fish is canned by hand in top-quality olive oil. The preservation is performed exclusively in a facility approved by the FDA.

Keper Connell lives in Rye, New Hampshire. He is the driving force behind the company. No, that’s not right. He IS the company. What makes Gulf of Maine Conservas so unique is that Keper Connell literally catches every single fish himself.

Think about this. The heritage is astounding. Keper is a fisherman who grew up in the restaurant industry. Because of his love of flavor and fishing, he heads out in his boat, the F/V Figment, to catch the seafood for his products. His catch is handled with the greatest of care every step of the way. Finally, it is packed and shipped for your gastronomic enjoyment.

Furthermore, his dedication to marine sustainability is a core value of his life and living. This dedication is evidenced not only by fishing methods used and products produced. But also, by his service as a Board Member on The American Bluefin Tuna Association Board of Directors.

To expand the appreciation and experience of eating tuna beyond sushi is part of Keper’s mission. He is succeeding famously.

*Tinned Bluefin Tuna*

Picture giant bluefin tuna caught using a rod and reel. Only one of these spectacular fishes is caught at a time. The utmost care is taken to deliver the remarkable flavor of this fish from the ocean to you.

Bluefin is unique. This fish takes on fat while feeding in the cold waters off the coast of New Hampshire. This fattiness helps to provide a remarkable richness and deliciousness to this tuna.

Their preserved seafood is unbelievably versatile and is perfectly suited to be enjoyed during any mealtime. This conserva is far beyond the canned tuna usually found on grocery store shelves.

*Skipjack, Albacore, and Yellowfin Too*

Rainbow Tomatoes Garden is especially pleased to offer a combination package of tunas. Along with the line caught bluefin from Gulf of Maine Conservas, we chose tinned tunas from our other suppliers. We bundled these together. This special package can be found below or listed under other included brands.

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