Wildfish Cannery


We smoke and can wild Alaska seafood, carrying on the craft and time-honored traditions of the region in the small seaside town of Klawock, home to Alaska’s very first salmon cannery more than a century ago. Klawock, located on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska, has a population of just 796, most of whom consider fishing an essential part of life.

Wildfish was founded in 1987 and is now run by chef and grandson of the founder Mathew Scaletta, who is dedicated to melding his fine dining background, honed in foodie paradise Portland, Oregon, with his family’s craft.

We feel grateful for our community of local fishermen, employees and patrons. Our success is their success; the story of our island town, our sense of place and hospitality is something time will never change. We invite you into our world with every tin of smoked Alaska seafood.

Nature provides perfection — we’re here to preserve it.

We wouldn’t be doing this if we weren’t committed to offering the highest quality sustainable seafood, including bycatch species, prepared to a standard fit for the chef’s table but available to anyone who cares about the food they eat.

Three generations in and we’re still here taking the best of our traditions and bringing a new school touch. The exploration and excellence never stops.

We do things the right way. The right way happens to be the slow way and the hard way. But that’s what it takes, and that’s why we do it. Hand-harvested seafood becomes our hand-packed products and nothing this good ever happens without some good ol’ blood, sweat and tears — although, to be clear, these are not actual ingredients.

Wildfish proudly uses only wild caught, sustainable Alaska seafood. We hit the docks and buy our seafood straight from the fishermen and divers who harvest it, our friends and neighbors.

Buying at peak harvest, we hand slice every piece, nice and thick, then brine it in mouthwatering seasonings and smoke it with indigenous alder wood. Then we hand-pack each 6 oz. can and cook it to perfection so you can enjoy our favorite flavors at any time.

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