Yurrita Group is commitment and dedication. About 100 people comprise this family-owned business in Mutriku (Guipúzcoa). For nearly 150 years (five generations), they have been dedicated to the canned fish industry. No seafood canning company in the Basque Country has existed longer. Very few in the agrifood industry have operated this long in Spain.

The company is MSC certified. The harvesting of the fish from the sea to processing and preparing for your table, the certification assures sustainable use and marine resource preservation.
They also are certified by the Basque Agriculture and Organic Food Council in Organic Agriculture.
Also of note is that they meet Jewish KOSHER food standards.

Their destiny and the sea are a bond. Caring for the environment is in concert with a continual commitment to quality. Whether you select Yurrita sardines, mussels, or tuna, Rainbow Tomatoes Garden is confident you will be impressed.

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