Artistic Creations

We would not want to live in a world without art, no matter how many tins of fish it had in it. We are artists ourselves, as well. And we have lots of tins of fish. These factors, in constant proximity to each other, led us to an idea. Let’s support by acting as a kind of a hub for the kind of art that goes with tinned fish.

This is the deal, the program, our offer to all: everything in this section is the work of an independent artist or craftsperson. Your purchase will not only deliver to you something crafted with care and purpose and individual spark, it will also encourage more creative people to add more beauty to the world.

If you are an artist or craftsperson who makes things that you think lovers of tinned fish would want to purchase, please let us know. We will purchase your creation outright, at full retail, if we can pay you with a Gift Card that can be used here in our shop.

*with the caveat that we are not guaranteeing we will buy anything and everything at any price. but if we agree that a lover of tinned fish somewhere might be interested in buying it for the price you’re asking, and you’re willing to barter it for store credit, we probably have a deal.

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