A Better Subscription Box

All the benefits of a subscription box without any of the drawbacks.

You can make all the choices, leave all the choices to us, or make some of the choices and leave the rest to us.

The Default, if you have no preferences and want to make the fewest decisions is: every 30 days we will send you the next 30 tins from the full list.

Here’s how we do it. When you order this item, this is what will happen:

  • We will create a spreadsheet with our current list of tins and jars, randomize the entries, then put your name on it and share it with you as a Google Doc.
  • You tell us when to begin, how many tins to send per box, and how often to send them.
  • We will total the first group of tins, with shipping, and let you know the amount. After payment, we will ship the first box on the day you specify and set a Reminder for the interval you’ve chosen.
  • When that Reminder goes off, we will pack up the next group of tins on your list, and contact you with the current box’s total.

Every aspect of this experience is configurable to your preference. Quantity, frequency, the order in which things are sent, items that should not be sent. Everything.

Don’t want 30 tins? Prefer the definition of “box” be a cost not a piece count? No problem. If you can imagine it, we can (probably) make it happen.

You may move things around on the list, or delete items, as you see fit. Or not. Remember how your Netflix queue used to work back in the DVD days? Like that.

As we add new items over the course of the two+ years it will take to go through the entire list, we will add them to the end of your spreadsheet.

You may pause/restart and/or cancel at any time.

You may also order this as the gift that keeps on giving.

You may also change the number of tins in a shipment, and/or the frequency of the shipment at any time.

You may also ignore the subscription part and use this as a way to get a box of 30 (or any number) really great tins that no one has to endure the inconvenience of choosing.

Because at its heart, this is not a product, it is a procedure, a process, a way of giving you as much control as you want, or of forgoing any decisions you don’t want to make.

Tell us what you want and how often you want it and we’ll make it happen.


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