A Free Lunch aka The First Taste is Free

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It is often said that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. We disagree. Tinned fish makes a perfect lunch, whether straight from the tin or with crackers and your favorite condiments. We are so sure that you will love tinned fish and be back for more that we’re willing to send you your first tin for free.

All we require is:

  1. tell us you’ve been wanting to try tinned fish (in the order notes as you check out)
  2. share what you think may be at the root of your hesitancy (also in the notes as you check out)
  3. if you enjoy the tin we send you, come back here and leave a comment to let others know how it went.

This is a special promotion intended to offer a no-risk, no cost way for people who have never tried tinned fish, and who want to try tinned fish, but are facing a barrier of hesitancy of some kind. It is for the tin-curious but afraid. It cannot be used to add a free tin to an order for other tins, and cannot be used to gift tins to others, &c. This offer also cannot be used to try out tins better than or of a different type of fish than you’ve been eating (though I may do something for that as a separate promotion, if I can figure out how to structure it). One free tin per person.

US addresses only, unless you’ll spring for the shipping.

If you need more hand-holding and instruction and don’t mind paying for the tin(s), you may be interested in our Combo Pack: The Absolute Beginner.



Sprats are small fish, with heads and innards removed. They are small enough that you won’t be able to detect any bones.

Sardines are a little bit larger, also have the heads and innards removed, but are large enough that if you pull the fish apart you may see larger bones, but those (high in calcium) bones are softened to the point that they’re completely edible, and if they retain any texture at all it will be about the same as a few grains of salt.

Boneless and skinless mackerel fillets are just as described. Mackerel is a little stronger in flavor than sardines.

Boneless and skinless sardine fillets are just as described. Sardines are a little milder in flavor than mackerel.

If you prefer that we choose for you, we are happy to do so.

Additional information

I'd like:

smaller whole fish (sprats), bigger whole fish (sardines), boneless skinless full-flavored fish (mackerel), boneless skinless mild-flavored fish (sardines), no preference, you choose (chef's choice)

3 reviews for A Free Lunch aka The First Taste is Free

  1. Lauren Pyle (verified owner)

    Wow! I was really surprised by how pleasant my sardines were. I let Dan pick for me and I recieved the King Oscar skinless 🅱️oneless sardines in olive oil. I enjoyed them on saltines and also with avocado toast. They were mildly “fishy” tasting but no more so than basic canned tuna would be in a tuna salad or something.

    I’m very opposed to weird gritty textures in food so I’m still hesitant to try anything with bones in, but I’m really interested in branching out and trying a few different fish or different treatments next. Thanks for having this option available! It’s great for “picky eaters” like me who are maybe afraid to spend money on something they’re unsure about.

  2. khaleahsi (verified owner)

    I’ve been wanting to try sardines or something similar for a while now, especially as they have been slowly gaining more and more popularity. I love fish in general, but I’ve worried about canned fish being too “fishy.” Dan (who has been wonderful to chat with and is very prompt with his replies) chose the perfect option for me: King Oscar’s “Tiny Tots” Brisling Sardines. What a pleasant surprise they were! I loved the subtle smokey, saltiness. I tried them on their own, but would love to get them again to try on/with other things. Thank you very much for this Free Lunch option on your website. It has opened up a brand new world for me!

  3. Robert Stanford (verified owner)

    WOW! I’d never been brave enough to try sardines and I recently stumbled across a youtube channel where a guy reviews different canned seafood, mostly sardines. His name is Matthew, his enthusiasm and Dan’s faith in the products is why I (very hesitantly) decided to try sardines. That and goading from my sardine friendly friends. I believe my apprehension stemmed from bad experiences with foul seafood and I was frankly just afraid sardines would be gross, for lack of a better term. Boy was I wrong! The King Oscar’s “Tiny Tots” Brisling Sardines Dan graciously sent me were delicious! I enjoyed them on Ritz vegetable crackers with hot sauce. All my fears were proven unfounded. I wanted to be wrong and I’m glad that I was. Thank you for the generosity, Dan. I’ll be placing an order soon, you should too.

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