Alkorta Cod Fillets in Olive Oil


Cod Fillets in Olive Oil. Fished from the icy-cold eastern Atlantic waters, the cod used by Bacalao Alkorta is some of the best available in the world. After harvest, the fish is transported at optimal temperature and immediately processed. Loins are cooked slowly at low temperatures in olive oil – preserving both the texture and flavor of both the fish and the olive oil – resulting in a perfectly cooked and succulent fish. Drizzle with your favorite extra virgin olive oil and chopped parsley, or used in a salad with small warm potatoes.

    • Size: 200g (7oz)
    • Region: País Vasco

Pictured dressed with toasted fennel, cumin, lemon juice, and ginger on crostini with cabbage slaw and beet pickled onions.

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Ingredients: cod, olive oil, salt.


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