Alshark Moroccan Sardines in Oil


I would see these from time to time in the various internet spaces devoted to sardines, and was curious but just never got around to pulling the trigger. Until a friend sent me a photo of the pide one of his chef friends was making with them. I had to make it, and to make it I had to have these sardines. Big sardines, fall apart tender. Spines.

120g tin

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Ingredients: Lightly-smoked sardines, vegetable oil, salt.


  1. nrobinson (verified owner)

    Clean flavor, ‘fishy’ essence. Oil has no discernable characteristics, almost tastes like sardines in water. Hefty amount of scales. Texture all over the place. Meaty in center, mushy on outside on a few. Generally not mushy though. Overall not super exciting. I’d rather pay a dollar more for a bit more care in the scaling and packaging if eating out of the can. Would be a fine product for putting in recipes like sardine salad or into tomato sauce.

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