Alshark Moroccan Sardines in Spicy Oil


I would see these from time to time in the various internet spaces devoted to sardines, and was curious but just never got around to pulling the trigger. Until a friend sent me a photo of the pide one of his chef friends was making with them. I had to make it, and to make it I had to have these sardines.

120g tin

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Ingredients: Lightly-smoked sardines, vegetable oil, red pepper or spicy aroma, salt.


  1. Dan Sherbon (verified owner)

    These maybe the best bang for your buck ever. I was greeted with 4 m/l dines . The oil was fine. Nothing super smooth but not your normal beechcliff sunflower oil. A decent daily driver. No noticeable scales, pretty firm flesh, a tad on the softer side. Bones Barely noticeable. Nice medium spice, presentation not great but you’d expect that. These are a great fish, nothing wrong with them

  2. Anne Martin (verified owner)

    I found 5 largish sardines in a flavored oil with just a bit of heat. There were no discernible scales and the flesh was firm. The largest one simply fell in two when I went to pick it up. I enjoyed these with thinly sliced cheese, a few olives, mustard, fresh sliced tomatoes and small pieces of toast. It was a worthy dinner with an ice cold lager. I would buy these again. The can was easy to open but it was difficult to remove the lid completely without leaving sharp edges. I would have kept it otherwise for the cool graphics.

  3. Brian H. (verified owner)

    These sardines are a solid value. Spice level is about average for the spicy sardines I’ve had. Didn’t notice any scales. Had them out of the can with saltines and wished I had a second one when I was finished. I’ll be buying these again.

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