Angelo Parodi Grated Mullet Bottarga (Salted, Dried Roe)


One of the great ingredients of all time, largely out of reach to most people because it is usually sold as a whole piece, which must be kept cool during storage and grated on an as-needed basis. That’s a really big commitment if you’re not even sure if you’ll like it. Imagine if the smallest amount of Parmesan you could order was a wheel. Not practical for most people.

Here you have a 20g package of grated bottarga, ready to rekindle your love, or show you the way to greatness. Simple is best, and we recommend the following: cook a pot of your favorite pasta, drain, saute some garlic in a mix of butter and olive oil, toss together with the pasta, freshly chopped parsley, and a generous scattering of bottarga. Consume immediately.

20g vacuum-sealed plastic bag, store any unused bottarga in the refrigerator for up to 20 days.

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Ingredients: Mullet roe (90%) (Mugil cephalus), sea salt (10%).


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