Angelo Parodi Mackerel Filets in Olive Oil with Ginger and Chili Pepper


If you like your tinned fish spicy, the addition of ginger to the red pepper makes this one a unique treat. We love the combination along with a little dab of Kewpie mayonnaise on a cracker. It would also make a wicked mackerel melt.

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Watch Two Fish Holes taste the dish!

125g tin (4.4 oz)

In stock


Ingredients: Mackerel (Scomber colias), olive oil, chili pepper, ginger, salt.

The Italian on the package reads: Angelo Parodi – Filetti di Sgombro – Peperoncino e Zenzero


  1. Jeff (verified owner)

    Ginger and spicy peppers sounds like a winning combination to me, and when used to add flavor to some mackerel filets it’s gotta be good, right?

    Cracking open this tin I found some good looking, light colored filets packed in a fairly light colored oil, with a bit of a fishy aroma. A lot of my experience with spicy tinned fish has involved orange-tinted oil – not so in this case. Regardless of the color of the oil, a small sip of it told me that it has a bit of heat to it.

    The filets survived extraction from the tin mostly intact and I started off sampling a bit on it’s own. The mackerel has a good, medium-firm texture that flakes easily and has a decent touch of spicy heat to them. Moving on to add a bit of texture and additional flavor, I broke the filets up a bit to add to a cracker, topped with a bit of pickled red onion. Served up this way it’s a good, satisfying, flavorful bite. While breaking up a filet I found that it had a fairly large slice of ginger stuck to it – this was more substantial than I expected.

    Overall these are flavorful with a bit of spicy heat, though not overbearing. As a fan of mackerel, these are a treat – I’d be happy to crack a tin of these open on a regular basis.

  2. twa101 (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite tins of mackerel. There are four fillets in a nice pool of amber hued oil from the three inch chile pepper in the bottom of the tin. There was also one slice of ginger which is such a good combination with the chile. Together they flavored both the oil and the fish. You get a bit of the ginger burn on the tip of the tongue and a little bit of chile burn in the throat. Given the flavor and texture of this mackerel, I think it is a great value at the price.

  3. Anne Martin (verified owner)

    I ate this right out of the can with cheese and crackers. They were bright and smelled delicious immediately. There was a quarter sized slice of ginger and a 2 inch red pepper in there. The heat was there but not overwhelming. I would have said I was a mackerel skeptic, but I am no more. I thought this was well worth the cost and even a family member was surprised and asked for a few bites and enjoyed them as well. Would buy again.

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