Angelo Parodi Mackerel Filets in Olive Oil with Ginger and Chili Pepper


If you like your tinned fish spicy, the addition of ginger to the red pepper makes this one a unique treat. We love the combination along with a little dab of mayonnaise on a cracker. It would also make a wicked mackerel melt.

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125g tin (4.4 oz)

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Ingredients: Mackerel (Scomber colias), olive oil, chili pepper, ginger, salt.

The Italian on the package reads: Angelo Parodi – Filetti di Sgombro – Peperoncino e Zenzero


  1. Jeff (verified owner)

    Ginger and spicy peppers sounds like a winning combination to me, and when used to add flavor to some mackerel filets it’s gotta be good, right?

    Cracking open this tin I found some good looking, light colored filets packed in a fairly light colored oil, with a bit of a fishy aroma. A lot of my experience with spicy tinned fish has involved orange-tinted oil – not so in this case. Regardless of the color of the oil, a small sip of it told me that it has a bit of heat to it.

    The filets survived extraction from the tin mostly intact and I started off sampling a bit on it’s own. The mackerel has a good, medium-firm texture that flakes easily and has a decent touch of spicy heat to them. Moving on to add a bit of texture and additional flavor, I broke the filets up a bit to add to a cracker, topped with a bit of pickled red onion. Served up this way it’s a good, satisfying, flavorful bite. While breaking up a filet I found that it had a fairly large slice of ginger stuck to it – this was more substantial than I expected.

    Overall these are flavorful with a bit of spicy heat, though not overbearing. As a fan of mackerel, these are a treat – I’d be happy to crack a tin of these open on a regular basis.

  2. twa101 (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite tins of mackerel. There are four fillets in a nice pool of amber hued oil from the three inch chile pepper in the bottom of the tin. There was also one slice of ginger which is such a good combination with the chile. Together they flavored both the oil and the fish. You get a bit of the ginger burn on the tip of the tongue and a little bit of chile burn in the throat. Given the flavor and texture of this mackerel, I think it is a great value at the price.

  3. Anne Martin (verified owner)

    I ate this right out of the can with cheese and crackers. They were bright and smelled delicious immediately. There was a quarter sized slice of ginger and a 2 inch red pepper in there. The heat was there but not overwhelming. I would have said I was a mackerel skeptic, but I am no more. I thought this was well worth the cost and even a family member was surprised and asked for a few bites and enjoyed them as well. Would buy again.

  4. Lauren Giunta (verified owner)

    Ate this fish right out of the tin while sitting in a hot tub with the love of my life – truly a medication on contextual objectivity. Delicious fish! Beefy filets. The kick of heat that you’re hoping for here is definitely present, in a laid-back way. The gingeriness evaded a bit though. As previous reviewers mentioned, this tin had a fat, intact, glorious slice of ginger packed under the fish. I put the whole thing in my mouth &… nothing! It was strange to chew on such a meaty piece of ginger that tasted of olive oil & almost nothing like ginger. We had a giggle about our expectations being dashed & happily ate the rest of the tin with some handfuls of salted cashews. Life is good.

  5. Costanza Davis (verified owner)

    Coming from a tuna person with good spice tolerance, this mackerel was a lovely, mild alternative to a tin of tuna for most applications.
    I personally found it quite delicate in flavor and very mild in heat. The fish itself didn’t taste particularly fishy; it was a little more on the mild, meaty side, in my opinion. The mackerel did smell of fish upon opening (as expected), but the smell quickly dissipates. My tin had several small pieces of ginger at the bottom of the tin, and these provided some aroma. (The pieces of ginger looked like what you would find paired with sushi, but had none of that pickled ginger flavor.) The chili pepper was present, tucked against a corner of the tin, and would have likely provided more spice if heated or distributed throughout the mackerel in whatever final product you create. When eaten as is, the oil tempered the chili pepper, but the pepper provided a pleasant warmth after the fact.
    When eaten straight from the tin, I recommend a light sprinkling of salt to augment the mackerel flavor. This is also a fantastic alternative to tuna for mixing with mayonnaise or, as I plan to use it next, in a pasta. (Drain short pasta once al dente, mix in mackerel, oil, ginger, and pepper from the tin, add parmesan while still hot, eat. Can be served warm or cool. One tin is appropriate for 200 to 250g of pasta.)

  6. Lawrence Kalinowski (verified owner)

    clean well packed fillets in great shape. very clean light olive oil. the mackerel is delicious and firm with a late back of the throat warmth from the pepper and ginger.

    lovely, perfect for wooing the mackerel lover in all of us

  7. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Definitely a worthy tin of mackerel, having both excellent flavor and also much better moisture than almost all other mackerel I’ve had. Spice level is present, noticeable, hitting a 2+ out of 5. I didn’t detect ginger per se but there was a good deal of depth of flavor overall. Very good straight from the tin, but even better with a little bit of flaky salt + lime on each bite.

    In flavor/spice/texture, I strongly prefer this over the (more expensive) Minerva mackerel in spicy olive oil. While it can’t compete with the King Oscar Mediterranean mackerel in either flavor/moisture, I’d still rank it right alongside Cole’s (chub) and smoked Patagonia. It’s a very high quality tin at a very reasonable price.

  8. Devyn Scott (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure what to expect with this tin, but I was happy with it! It had a nice amount of gentle heat and the fish itself looked amazing. The texture was good too and I was surprised to see a whole slice of ginger and a whole pepper in the bottom! I ate this one on crispbread with cream cheese and shallot confit, amazing!

  9. Peter Kupchick (verified owner)

    Could have easily confused this with a packed Tin of Tuna. Great subtle flavor from the spices, firm satisfying texture from the fish. Mixed with pickled onions on some fresh backed Dutch oven bread I made. A great way to initiate someone who has only had canned tuna fish and is wary of other varieties.

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