Angelo Parodi Portuguese Sardines in Olive Oil


These are true sardines (Sardinus pilchardus) caught off the coast of Portugal.

120g tin

In stock


Ingredients: Sardines (Sardinus pilchardus), olive oil, salt.

See what Matthew Carlson has to say about these ‘dines.


  1. wadematthewtroyer (verified owner)

    These were a tasty tin over some thin triscuits and on their own. They had a meaty, somewhat dry texture that did not fall apart too much when picked up by my chopsticks. There was a slight bitterness in the first few bites but that seemed to dissipate as I went along. The spine was more noticeable in these in smaller bites but when eating the fish as a whole pieces, there was no noticeable crunch.

    I would definitely buy these again, for larger sardines the taste and texture was great, reminds me a bit of the Ortiz which are much more expensive. I think they are worth the price and now can’t wait to try the spiced variety.

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