Ao Nori Ko (Powdered Seaweed)


When we were in Japan visiting family we had a memorable meal at a place that specialized in okonomiyaki, a kind of savory pancake made at your table, and after everything was prepared and garnished, the final flourish was a liberal scattering of this seaweed product. We later found it to be a fairly ubiquitous product, available even in the spice rack of our hosts. I thought this would be pretty easy to obtain here in the US, but I was wrong. I finally ended up locating a bulk source of supply (the same people I get our Japanese-made Kewpie mayonnaise from), and have started repackaging into more a more reasonably sized package.

This is a killer addition to any tuna salad, shrimp salad, or even the tartar sauce for your sweatpants and sofa fish sticks. Try grating daikon and dressing with soy sauce and mirin and top the bowl off with a sprinkle of this. Hundreds of uses.

We can all trace back our ancestry to the ocean, and this deceptively simple product’s flavor echoes us home.

20g bag.

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Ingredients: Powdered Seaweed. (it’s not really a powder, more like a very fine flake).


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