Ati Manel Sardines in Olive Oil with Lemon


Big Portuguese pilchards. Lemon. Lunch. Your friends will be impressed.

125g (4.4oz) tin

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Ingredients: Sardines (Sardina pilchardus ) (72%), Olive Oil (23%), Lemon (4%), and Salt.


  1. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Very good, maybe the best “with lemon” tin I’ve had to date? Had a solid amount of lemon flavor that is more than most tins that claim to have it. Fish texture was semi-firm – not dry – but also different than most other tins. I’d maybe call it halfway between sardine in oil and sardine in water? Certainly came across as less rich, less oily than a usual tin and that was a nice change. Had a BIG slice of lemon underneath the fish and I absolutely loved that (even if the slice had already given up most of its lemon flavor to the fish/oil). Salt level on this is lower than my preference but that’s an easy adjustment.

    I liked these slightly more than the Matiz in lemon (which have better fish but don’t have enough lemon). Pretty interesting first try of this brand for me and it was definitely a good start. I do think this could be my regular “with lemon” tin in my pantry. Recommended!

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