Ati Manel Scallops in “Caldeirada” Sauce


Great straight from the tin, or incorporated into a bowl of warm rice. The name of the sauce recalls a seafood and potato stew popular in Spain and Portugal, which means these should be delicious in a well of whipped potatoes, or atop some roasted new red potatoes.

120g (4.2 oz) tin

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Ingredients: Scallops (Chlamys sp.) (50%), Olive Oil (33.5%), Onion (10.9%), Tomato (2.7%), Red Pepper, White Wine, Spices, and Salt.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm —


  1. Erica Huang (verified owner)

    These were quite good! The sauce itself is a little sweet, a little meaty like a good bolognese sauce, but I was definitely taken aback by the size of the scallops themselves. I would say they’re probably close to a penny or a dime in diameter (?), but they were very flavorful.

    I had these in a pasta because there’s quite a large sauce-to-scallop ratio, and it was very tasty! I perhaps was a little too vigorous in my stirring and broke apart the scallop muscles into strands, but overall, I look forward to definitely buying again.

  2. gebhard.abby (verified owner)

    My husband ate these over rice (as he does with pretty much all tinned fish), and these became a fast favorite! This tin was his first foray into tinned scallops and now he can’t wait to try other brands / re-purchase these.

  3. Anne Martin (verified owner)

    I was looking forward to these and shared them with friends with country bread and nice cheese. The sauce did not seem to add anything special to them for us. Perhaps we do not like scallops prepared for tins? The scallops themselves were a nice texture and intact, they were pretty, just think the sauce let them down. Worth trying if you love scallops; If I encounter these again, I will have them as advised on the tiny slip of paper enclosed with them—over warm rice.

  4. Grace Olson (verified owner)

    I really liked this! I’ve tried a couple of tins of scallops with Caldeirada or Vieira sauce. These were a little pricier, but seemed similar in taste. There may have been a difference in size or weight. I ate these as a snack with kettle-cooked, sea salt potato chips. They tasted delicious!

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