Bamboo Rice


We cook a lot of rice here (and highly recommend using a rice cooker, they’re worth every penny), and cook a lot of different kinds. This is, hands down, the rice we cook most often, and not only because it cooks faster than any other rice we keep in the house. It’s a short-grain white rice infused with pure, fresh bamboo juice, which gives it a green color that’s retained when cooked.

When you cook this rice, it has a nice sticky consistency, which we prefer for most uses. The bamboo gives it a lovely additional flavor that is faintly vegetal; some people compare it to green tea, but for us it has come to a welcoming aroma of bright comfort.

Do not rinse before cooking, as you might with other white rices.

12 oz bag


Ingredients:  short-grained white rice, bamboo extract

First image is of dry bamboo rice. Second image is cooked bamboo rice with sauteed onion and minced black garlic.


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