Belveder Riga Smoked Sprats in Oil, 240g


If you’re one of those tinned fish fans who never passes a specialty grocery store without popping in to check out the options, you’ve noticed that a lot of different regions of Eastern Europe produce a smoked sprat, and you’ve probably also noticed that each tinned sprat brand can be very different.

Riga is the name of the capital of Latvia, and where a major share of the world’s sprats are brought ashore and processed. But each brand has different standards and procedures which fine tune the taste. Belweder is the name of the Presidential Palace in Poland.

240g tin

Pictured on a bed of cous cous tabbouleh with tomatoes and kale microgreens.

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Ingredients: smoked sprats (Sprattus sprattus), rapeseed (canola) oil, salt.


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