Bogar Squid Pieces in Ink


Squid pieces in a sauce made using squid ink is a classic of the tinned fish world. Not too shabby straight from the tin, but the way to really enjoy these is tossed with pasta or served over freshly made rice.

Also available as part of our Fish Dish: Black Squid and Cuttlefish Ramen.

111g (net) tin

Watch Two Fish Holes tasting Black Squid and Cuttlefish Ramen!


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Ingredients: Squid, sunflower oil, tomato, water, onion, ink (0.41%), salt and spices.


  1. Kristine (verified owner)

    I’m comparing this against the other squid in ink tins within the ~$5 to ~$12 price range that I’ve tried from RTG. Those included Don Gastronom squid pieces and Pepus stuffed baby squid.

    I was super excited to try the Bogar Squid Pieces in Ink. After warming the tin contents, I transferred them to a bowl for consumption. Among other squid in ink tins, Bogar’s offering had the strongest ‘ocean briny squid aroma.’ I should clarify that this comment re: noticeable smell isn’t necessarily a downside since the scent is something to be expected with this type of squid preparation.

    Visually, the sauce color was not as dark when compared to the others. As far as taste and texture, I would say that the umami flavors and the squid’s pleasing balance of chewiness and tenderness were delightful. The Bogar tin was noticeably saltier compared to the other cans. I ate this with some white rice which proved to be the perfect complement since it tamed the saltiness and harmonized the flavors.

    Overall, I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5.

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