Brands We Don’t Offer, and Why


Why that brand you’re curious about isn’t here…

We’ve decided not to carry it, or we’re in the process of deciding.

So please ask us about it. In some cases we’re in negotiations to bring that product line in and we can add you to the “interested” list. Or we may be waiting to find out if there’s any interest and your request could be the one that sparks the decision.

Top five reasons we don’t carry what you are searching for

Company doesn’t export to the US

This happens with lots of small, family-owned, and bespoke producers. Exporting to the US market is a big business leap and they aren’t prepared for–or interested in–doing it. Until then, we’ll have to plan our future vacations around getting those conservas from their native lands.

They don’t work with small retailers

Rainbow Tomatoes Garden is not a big box store or building a spaceship, and some producers work only with customers that can guarantee more sales volume than we can. It’s a shame, but that’s how it goes in business.

Brand is a private label from another cannery

Usually in this case, we already carry the cannery’s main line. Marketing them under a different name is a reasonable business strategy, and we do carry some brands like that, but some we do not.  Some private labels have an added disincentive of higher prices because of a famous name attached to the marketing. 

Company offers unattractive pricing

You want reasonable prices and we want to make a profit, so when the margin between wholesale price and retail price is too small, we pass. We’re not going to jack up the cost to you to cover our expenses and we aren’t able to take a loss.

Product didn’t sell or had poor feedback

You know how much we pay attention to your comments and suggestions, so when you tell us that a brand isn’t as good as we thought, we drop it. Or if we sit on stock for a long time without any sales, we don’t order more.


Brands below fall into one (or more) of the categories listed above. If you’re interested in more specifics, just ask.

Ar de Arte, Arroyabe, Bar Harbor, Bela-Olhão (Bella), Briosa Gourmet, Brunswick, Cocagne, Connetable, Conservas Angelachu, Conservas Serrats, Crown Prince, Da Morgada, Daporta, Donostia, Don Renaldo, El Manar, Escuris, Fishwife, Good Boy, Hénaff, José Andrés Foods, Jupiter, Kanzumi Takenaka, La Belle-Iloise, La Capitana, La Compagnie Bretonne, La Curiosa, La Gondola, La Perle des Dieux, La Quiberonnaise, Los Peperetes, Luças, Mabuti, Manna Gourmet, Minnow, Palacio de Oriente, Panasia, Pinhais, Pyscis, Paco LaFuente, Polar, Ramirez, Reese, Rosa Lafuente, Rödel, Sanfilippo, Seasons, Scout, Sotavento, Sultan, Tito, Titus, Tonnino, Trader Joe’s, Tricana, Varina, Vital Choice, Wild Planet, Wixter.

Also, if you’re looking for King Oscar in Tapatio Hot Sauce, that’s a product they only made once, years ago, and which customers loved the flavor of but hated the texture of due to the vinegar of the sauce which made the fish fall apart more than consumers felt was desirable. No one has them for sale any more.


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