Castillo de Canena Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Like almost everything we sell here, this olive oil has a story. Whenever a listed ingredient in a recipe or a product transcends the generic and gets specified (there are French recipes that call for specific potato and/or shallot cultivars, for example) I pay attention. If it’s not an obvious attempt at self-promotion or brand extension, there’s probably a very good reason. This is the olive oil used by El Capricho. This is also the olive oil used by Güeyu Mar. After tasting it in conservas from both companies I was certain there would be people like me who would be interested in using the oil in its pure form, as well. So I hunted and sourced and because of how expensive it is, ultimately special ordered in this 3.38 oz size. This is a finishing oil, not a cooking oil. It wins awards all over the world. And we really like it. We think you will, too.

For tomatoes or if you simply prefer a more robust, peppery olive oil, we recommend giving their Picual a try.


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Ingredients: olive oil


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