Codesa Serie Rosa Edicion Limitada Anchovy Fillet in Olive Oil, 10/15 (BB 11/2024)


This product is semipreserved, and should be kept cool during storage.

These are Serie Limitada anchovies but packed using organic extra virgin olive oil and Himalayan pink salt rather than olive oil and salt.

Also, this is an oversized tin, 115g net weight vs the 55g more typical of Codesa anchovy fillets.

115g tin

In stock

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Ingredients: anchovies (Engraulis encrasicolus), organic extra virgin olive oil, and Himalayan pink salt.


  1. Fisheye (verified owner)

    When I ordered these Codesa Serie Rosa Edicion Limitada, I wondered how good they could be . The regular Serie Limitada is already pretty phenomenal; were these more of the same?

    Well, I finally cracked a tin and I have only one word for it: sublime. The first hint that I was about to eat something truly special was in the green gold hue of the olive oil. The fish themselves have a beautiful, rosy color and the plumpest flesh I’ve seen on a salted anchovy. The first bite made me do a double take – it had all the same funky complexity as the finest Jamon Iberico that I’ve tasted. This tin, more than any I’ve tried before, truly exemplifies what it meant when people describe fine anchovies as “jamon of the sea.”

    I didn’t think it was possible, but these beautiful anchovies exceeded my high expectations

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