Cole’s Smoked Trout with Lemon & Cracked Pepper


Our trout is farm raised in an antibiotic and hormone free environment. Our trout fillets are known their consistency and delicious texture. This recipe infuses lemon and pepper with our deliciously smoked trout fillet. A special twist on a Cole’s favorite!

Product of Chile. Farm Raised in Mountain Spring Water

3.2 oz (91g) tin

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Ingredients: Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), Olive Oil, Lemon, Black Pepper, Sea Salt


  1. Joshua Olmsted (verified owner)

    Wow! What a gorgeous tin of trout this is. This came in the tin as one beautiful piece of fish, luminescent skin that seems to hold sort of loosely on to the meat of the fish, which was nice for taking the piece apart bite by bite. Everything from the flavor, to the feel of the fish was very delicate, the lemon and pepper don’t overpower the fish, but do offer a nice flavor as the fish itself is quite mild. I could see this being a good beginner-friendly can for someone who finds the bolder flavors or pilchards to be intimidating. The preserved lemon in particular stands out, as each little piece gives a nice mild lemon-y punch as you come across them. I normally add things like hot sauce to my sardines, but I think this trout is best enjoyed exactly as it is out of the can. I would maybe serve it with a very mild cracker, but nothing more.

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