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When the Güeyu Mar products started to become available in the US, we were so completely wowed by the ones we tried that we made them a commitment: we will buy anything you make. It was one of the best decisions we’ve made.

These are unique in the tinned fish world, in that they are chargrilled before being canned in what many consider to be the best olive oil in Spain. Abel Álvarez, the chef behind Güeyu Mar, has a restaurant famous for chargrilling seafood caught within sight of the restaurant. He started the cannery because of a lifelong love of conservas, and so that he could employ his team during the off seasons.

This set will vary slightly in what it contains (and the price adjusts accordingly), because at any given moment we are pretty much always sold out of one or two. When you only work with the very best ingredients, supply is sometimes limited. Currently ships with 17 of the best tins on the planet, including chargrilled sardine tails, sardine loins, octopus, cockles, mussels, bluefin tuna collar (morillo), and more.

For the lover of tinned fish this is, essentially, The Most Fabulous Object In The Universe.

Because the tin wrappers are suitable for framing, we obtained a small supply of never-folded sheets, and each combo pack ordered will ship with one. Our choice, but we will happily accommodate specific requests if available.

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