Combo Pack: The Singular Tins


This is a set containing the products which, in our experience, have no lateral moves. By which we mean if you try any of these products individually and then ask, “That was great, what else do you have that’s like that only different?” we are going to reply, “There is nothing else like that.”

Each is singular. One-of-a-kind. Incomparable.

Gulf of Main Conservas Smoked Eel from American Unagi
Artesanos Alalunga Cocochas
PYSCIS Bullet Tuna
Real Conservera Variegated Scallop (Zamburiñas) in Natural Broth
Conservas de Cambados Barnacles (Percebes) in Brine

Comes with a free hand-painted, no-two-alike sardine keychain, a $16 value.


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