The Wildfish Cannery Smoked Sampler


We don’t offer a “complete” Wildfish Cannery because we don’t carry every product they offer (for a variety of different reasons, none related to quality), but we want more people to try more of the magic that is the work of their smokemaster. So we put together this 6-pack of our absolute favorites, our must try tins.

Four salmons, in ascending order of fattiness: pink, coho, sockeye and king.

Plus the best can of octopus you’ll ever have, and a gnarly down and dirty in all the best ways tin of an addictive herring.

And because their cans don’t have pull tabs, we’re adding in a free pair of legendary can openers:

U. S. Shelby Co. P-38 and P-51 Stainless Steel Can Openers, set of One Each


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