Conservas de Cambados Baby Eels in Olive Oil


A Basque delicacy,  often referred to as the “caviar of Northern Spain” these Angulas (Elvers in English, baby eels to Americans) are the real thing, not the surimi imitation known as gulas.

In the Basque country these are usually served a la Bilbaína, which is to say in clay pots, along with caramelized garlic and red pepper flakes. The eels are considered so finely flavored that wood utensils are used so no hint of metallic flavor can intrude. It is a dish usually reserved for Christmastime, when the fresh harvest comes in.

111g tin

Pictured basque-style with bay leaves, pimientos, red pepper flake, and garlic.

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Ingredients: baby eels (Anguilla bicolor bicolor and Anguilla Mossambica),  olive oil, salt and cayenne pepper.


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