Conservas de Cambados Octopus in Galician Sauce


Galician (pronounced Galithian) sauce is onion and paprika. These are delicious straight from the tin, gently warmed, or in myriad other ways. One of our favorites is to serve them over/with roasted potatoes.

111g (4 oz) tin

Pictured in its own sauce with scallions.

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Ingredients: Octopus (Octopus vulgaris), sunflower oil, onion, paprika and salt.


  1. nrobinson (verified owner)

    Delicious and tender. Great texture. delicate octopus flavor. Was a fantastic pairing for cheese and apples. Sauce was delightful and I just dunked my crackers in it. Pricey to eat regularly, but this exceeded my expectations for my first canned octopus experience. I love octopus and was worried about the texture after canning. So good!!!

  2. packer.71 (verified owner)

    What are we even doing here? Conservas de Cambados comes out swinging with an absolutely delicious canned octopus. Mostly small tentacles, with a few larger ones thrown in for fun. This octopus has a definite “fatty” almost melt in your mouth texture compared to some of the others I have tried (Matiz, La Conchalita (squid, but still). Worth getting! I thew this in a pan in its own oil and put on top of a delicious balsalmic salad. Must try!

  3. Margaret Persico (verified owner)

    This was my first try of tinned octopus and it DID NOT DISAPPOINT. I made some crispy fried sunchokes and sauteed shallot/garlic with the oil from the tin, deglazed with a small amount of white wine, and then added the octopus at the end to warm through. Absolutely superb. The octopus had a nice chew but was still tender and the sweetness of the sunchokes complimented it really well. Delightful!

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