Conservas de Cambados White Tuna in Olive Oil


This Galician white tuna is a unique product, processed fresh using traditional methods and packaged in high quality olive oil. This tuna is marinated to reach optimal flavor, managing to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Ranked #52 on the Overall list.

111g tin

Pictured as tonnato over blanched green beans.

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Ingredients: White tuna (albacore), olive oil, and salt.

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  1. celia meredith (verified owner)

    Perfect in it’s simplicity–or maybe I should say straightforward? Simple sometimes gets a bad rap, but I mean it in a scrumptious way. The tuna was delicious, and the oil was so good I almost wanted to slurp the last bit out of the tin. I used this to top a salad, and the oil went into the dressing.

  2. twa101 (verified owner)

    Let me start off with the reminder that I’m not a big tuna gourmand. For me canned tuna will most likely always be relegated as an ingredient for a mayo based tuna salad or dip. But in an effort to explore my horizons, I grabbed this spiffy Spanish tin from my stash. This tin was a gusher when I cracked it open and this was very tightly packed as if the tin was used like a cookie cutter on a chunk of tuna. Impossible to get it out in any attractive fashion and the pieces were a bit dry on their own. BUT, the flavor! It was fantastic. Very meaty and more along the taste of pork than fish. Reminds me a bit of the Angelo Parodi yellow fin that I had in March. I’ve only had one can of ventresca so far (Ortiz), and while that was a moister piece of fish, I think I liked the flavor of this more. Mixing it up with the olive oil fixed the dryness and I was good to go. A tin like this would be delicious mashed up with the oil on top of a cracker or a pita chip. Perhaps with just a speck of parsley on top for color, let the flavor of this tuna shine.

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