Handmade peanut butter


Ingredients: peanuts. Dan eats this every morning on his toast. It’s smooth and unsalted, so, he tops it with a sprinkling of Jacobsen Flake Salt to achieve the perfect combination of salt and crunch and peanut.
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Ingredients: peanuts.

1lb jar  (re-usable glass canning jar)

Simple is good.

It’s worth mentioning, as with practically everything else, if you wanted something custom, we can probably do it. Most people learn to dislike almond butter and cashew butter and pistachio butter because when made pure, they’re just not easy to spread, they separate, and the flavor seems wrong. But blended with just enough peanut butter to stabilize the mix but not so much as to affect the flavor, it’s possible to make truly spectacular spreads. Adding Thai chili powder to peanut butter is scrump, too.


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