Dark Milk Nicaragua 55%, by Friis-Holm


This one has a special place in Dan’s heart because it was the first International Gold Medal winner he ever tasted, and it was a transformative experience. A palate once stretched never returns to its original dimensions. If you don’t absolutely love the first bite of this, Dan will buy it back from you at full price.

Tasting Notes by Jenny & Helen: “For the milk chocolate lover who craves the extra notes of caramel and maple with a friis of nuts.”

Mikkel Friis-Holm, the mastermind and creator of Friis-Holm, entered the world of fine chocolate with the exploration of fine South American cacaos and a love for its exceptional flavors. Friis-Holm seeks to express and expose the value in the terroir of cacao in conjunction with the rich culture and history of cacao. With a focus on genetics, micro ecologies, and single varietal bars, Friis-Holm is making waves in the fine chocolate world with new flavors and focused dedication.

  • 100 grams
  • 55% Nicaragua cacao milk chocolate
  • Creamy, fruity, and spicy
  • International Chocolate Awards gold medalist 2013

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Friis-Holm is a regular competitor at the International Chocolate Awards. We participate specifically at these competitions for several reasons.

The International Chocolate Awards are the only fully independent international competitions. At the same time, the competitions explicitly aim to encourage and promote a high-quality fine chocolate production globally. They further aim at supporting the growers who farm and care for the high-quality cacao beans.

It is part of our DNA to play a role in the development of chocolate quality as well as the global demand for it. And it is crucial that this development happens through a positive interplay with the cacao production itself. This is why we participate in the competitions. And this is why we are particularly proud to have won several gold medals at the International Chocolate Awards.


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