Eco Food Armenia Lentils with Bell Pepper and Carrot


Lentils are a comfort food for us, we love them in a soup made from Dan’s Grandma Pearl’s recipe, we love them cooked with brown rice and berbere. This is a very large tin of lentils cooked with bell pepper and carrots. We think you’ll want to warm this up to really get the right flavor/texture. But once warmed, they form a delicious base upon which you can spread your favorite tinned fish. Scoop up a mouthfull with crackers or a bread heel and that’s some good eatin’.

300g (10.6 oz) tin

In stock

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Ingredients: Lentils, Bell Pepper, Carrot, Sunflower Oil, Salt, Water


  1. jacob.harris.122 (verified owner)

    Perfectly done, firm and intact. The flavor reminds me of chicken soup cooked with a nice rich stock but with extra heavy veg flavor. I like these a lot. For $8 I’d probably rather cook my own lentils, but this is a winner for a convenient and a nutritious pantry backup.

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