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How to Succeed at Homeschooling Even if You Don’t Homeschool

by Alison Bernhoft


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Homeschooling is a rapidly growing trend in many countries, and even those with children in public school are looking to enrich their education at home. But there are not a lot of leaders to look to for inspiration. Enter Entropy Academy: an inspiring memoir for anyone looking to educate their kids outside of the institution of public education.

When Alison Bernhoft set out to homeschool her six children, her grand plans were constantly derailed by the second law of thermodynamics: Entropy. Entropy happens. It enters our houses, spreads toys and dishes around, creates chaos throughout the day, and—most importantly—steals our time. But Alison discovered that chaos and homeschooling are far from mutually exclusive; entropy can be the best teacher of all.

In this lively memoir, Bernhoft recounts how she discovered that she could train her messy home to do half her teaching, while much of the other half unfolded “entropy style”—in the natural process of everyday life.

Most of all, she shows that anyone—parent, grandparent, or caregiver—can create an environment that encourages constant learning, curiosity, and growth, far from the confines of a classroom.


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