Espinaler Mussels in Pickled Sauce (Mejillones in Escabeche) 8/10


Harvested from the Galician Rías, these mussels are an essential part of traditional conserva culture. The Rías are a series of estuaries along the northwest portion of Spain, where they say that the long inlets are the finger marks that God left when, after creating the world, he placed his hand there to rest.

115g tin

Pictured with fettuccini and its own sauce.

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Ingredients: mussels (mollusks) (Mytilus galloprovincialis, Mytilus edulis), sunflower oil, wine vinegar, sunflower oil, spice, salt

A simple method for emulsifying escabeche to make a sauce for serving.

We also sell the frother used in these videos.

Warning:  Reproductive Harm –


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