Espinaler Sauce (Salsa Espinaler)

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It was in the 1950s, when Joan Tapias was at the forefront of the Espinaler company, when his wife, Ventureta Roldós, created a sauce to dress the Galician shellfish preserves that were served in the ‘Taberna’.

Ventureta, well-known in the village as a great lover of cuisine, gathered together the best ingredients to make Espinaler sauce: top-quality wine vinegar, black pepper, red pepper and a selection of spices that she never reveals.

The result: an unique sauce that some people have tried to copy but none have achieved. With this product, Espinaler has become an icon around Catalonia.

92 ml or 750ml (that’s the size of a wine bottle, you probably don’t want this size until you’ve gone through a couple of the small ones).



Ingredients: vinegar, red pepper and spices.

The classic condiment to enhance the experience of enjoying your conservas as they are often served in and around Europe.

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92ml, 750ml

3 reviews for Espinaler Sauce (Salsa Espinaler)

  1. jfeyes (verified owner)

    I can name a bunch more sauces that I would choose over this one!

  2. Emily (verified owner)

    I love this sauce. I like to sprinkle it over (read: drench, haha) my super-duper-thinly-sliced onions; I eat those onions w/ dines, eggs, and toast. It’s great.

    As another reviewer noted, it may not be THE sauce to end all sauces; however, if you like a fragrantly vinegar-y, beautifully balanced sauce, you will enjoy this!!

    Also.. chopped up tomatoes + this sauce = amazing!! It hits alllll the fun flavor notes (sweet, tangy, spice-ful)

  3. Jeff (verified owner)

    I’ve got a hot sauce and condiment problem. At any given time I have at least a dozen hot sauces, a half dozen other sauces, and at least a half dozen pickled or fermented veggies taking up prime real estate in my refrigerator. In the interest of keeping a harmonious household, I’ve made some promises about controlling the sprawl, but I have a problem…

    Espinaler sauce is not the best sauce ever. It doesn’t pair well with everything. It is unique. It has a little something that you won’t find elsewhere, that je ne sais quoi. Though it doesn’t pair well with everything, the things it works well on it works VERY well. Sub-par sardines become elevated. Old favorites transform. Yeah, it’s just some vinegar and spices in a jar, but that’s how life works sometimes – simple things create complexity.

    When you don’t have the time or energy to parse your collection of sauces and condiments… when all you have is a couple minutes and a tin of sardines to calm a rumbling belly…. when your old standby daily driver sardine isn’t hitting quite the right notes for your palate today… Espinaler sauce is that simple thing that does the trick. It’s rarely a mistake to shake a few dashes over your tinned fish du jour.

    Thanks to Espinaler sauce, I’ve had to negotiate a new bottle quota in my refrigerator.

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