Espinaler Scallops in Galician Sauce


Small scallops in a sauce of tomato, onion and paprika, a perennial favorite in the conserva culture of Northern Spain.

115g tin

Pictured with fettuccini, scallions, and crostini fried in fish oil.

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Ingredients: Queen scallops (zamburiñas, Aequipecten opercularis), sunflower oil, onion, tomato, wine, spices and salt.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm —


  1. Odinn O Oskarsson (verified owner)

    I’m not sure what I expected when I ordered these, I mean, I love scallops, I love tomato, onion and paprik. I was not prepared for what I actually received. My partner was in the mood for Indian food so I made some (unspiced) basmati and a jarred simmer sauce, I took some of that rice in a small bowl and unceremoniously dumped the entire tin, oil and all. I’m not gonna lie I couldn’t wait to taste some scallops so I snached a few before the rice had warmed them. Delicious. Once I mixed it up and let the scallops warm, omg, I didn’t expect fresh perfectly cooked scallops but that’s what I got, just a little bit of some sneaky spice in there. Mmm, dang those were good.

  2. toolndie (verified owner)

    Loosely packed tin…12 scallops…about the size of a quarter…in red oil…these are more mussel like in appearance then what you think of as scallops…this is not a negative…
    Tender flesh with a nice chew…mellow seafood flavor…nice oil with flavors of tomato and paprika…those Spaniards love their paprika…flavors of onion…a very, very faint hint of heat in the background…in the sauce there is a gelatinous like substance that appears to be onion that has wilted in the marinade?…it’s delicious!…

    This is a delicious tin, with a lot of different flavors happening…would buy again…

    Had with Toasted and Buttered Garlic Bread (SKH)…DS Pickled Red Onion #2…and Mezzetta Colossal Castelvetrano Style Olives…and washed it all down with…….Willm – Cremant d’Alsace – Rose Brut – N.V

  3. Mike Turpie (verified owner)

    The sauce is more of a flavored oil. The scallops are not tightly packed – it only seems about half full. I took Dan’s advice and mixed this tin with warm rice. I had leftover wild rice with onions and pecans, and this suited just fine. The flavor was similar to many tinned mussel preparations, but with the superior texture of scallops. It was delicious, but I wished I had heated the scallops as well as the rice – just stirring them in left the scallops noticeably cooler than the rice in not the best way. There is more oil than you need for the rice in this tin – I recommend leaving some behind (even though it is super tasty). Overall, will get this again for an occasional something different.

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