Fangst Blåmusling No. 1, Limfjord Blue Mussels Marinated w/ Dill and Fennel Seeds in Cold Pressed Rapeseed (Canola) Oil


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Limfjord blue mussels marinated with dill and fennel seeds.

In the cold water of the Danish inlet Limfjorden, ‘blåmuslinger’ (blue mussels) grow slow to acquire a particularly fine taste and texture. Most are then shipped off to foreign kitchens but some they keep. With a marinade of cold pressed rapeseed (canola) oil, apple vinegar, dill and fennel seeds, Fangst brings you their version of the blue mussel.

110g tin

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Ingredients: Blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) (76%), cold pressed rapeseed (canola) oil, apple vinegar, dill seeds (0,5%), fennel seeds (0,5%), salt


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