Ferrigno La Bonne Mer Lisettes (Small Whole Mackerel) in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Small whole mackerel (meaning, like sardines, headless and gutted) in organic EVOO. We consider sardines to be mild flavored, and small whole mackerel full flavored.

135g (4.76 oz) tin

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Ingredients: Small whole mackerel (Scomber scombrus) 60%, extra virgin olive oil*, salt.

*39.4% of agricultural ingredients are from organic farming.


  1. Lauren Giunta (verified owner)

    Tasted these side-by-side with the other similarly priced Nuri Spiced whole mackerel, to find out what kind of difference 50 cents makes.

    First of all, this tin is actually a bit bigger than the Nuri’s, which makes them even more of better value per gram. 4 comparably sized fish to the Nuri’s 3, packed in with a bit less oil. If that matters to you. The difference in the texture of the flesh of the fish was shocking to me. These are, not unpleasantly, much chewier & springier. Like, more of a cured texture (think, like ceviche or herring in wine?). Still less salty than the Spiced Nuri’s though. So curious about how these are processed. Delicious “organic” oo btw.

    As a lover of mackerel, I think these will always have a place on my shelf as an affordable, straight-up can of whole macks. Not instead of the Nuri’s, but like, alongside them.

  2. Matt (verified owner)

    Unlike the previous review, I did not have a tin of the Nuri’s to do a side by side, however based off memory I think the Nuri’s take the edge. Having said that, this tin was fantastic and not one to skip over if you enjoy whole small mackerel. Really nice firm texture and while the meat was a little dry it did not take away from the overall enjoyment of the tin. I would love to try and sear these off in a pan then serve over rice with soy and some kewpie mayo. Seems like a very versatile tin and I’d like to explore different preparation methods!

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