Ferrigno La Bonne Mer Small Sardines (Pitchounettes) in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Some like the big sardines, some like the sprats, and there’s no wrong answer here, and no judging, but we like to remind people that between the sprat and the big sardine there is also the small sardine. Variety is the spice of life. Mix it up out there.

100g tin

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Ingredients: Wild sardines (Sardina pilchardus) 70%, extra virgin olive oil*, salt.

* 29.2% of agricultural ingredients come from organic farming.
Certified by Bureau Véritas Certification France — FR-BIO-10.


  1. Pat Hachey (verified owner)

    Some fantastic sardines, played straight. I tend to gravitate towards these medium sized sardines for some reason. They’re more delicate than the three-to-a-can honkers but also are more substantial and seem to absorb less oil than little baby sprats. This can had about seven, long, slender fish that are packed in pretty tightly. Texturally they are perfect. Moist and firm, right in the sweet spot. I’m also a fan of this boldly flavorful olive oil. Its more on the “green”, slightly fruity side of olive oil if you’re into that. Its almost buttery, I just cant get over it! I wouldn’t dare to dress them up or utilize them in a recipe because they are perfect as is! I guess the only negative is the price, where its not feasible for me to have these every single day.

  2. Betty Chu (verified owner)

    Ferrigno consistently delivers solid sardines for people who aren’t turned off by lots of scales. This tin is perfect for anyone looking for a small bite, and they’re fairly mild so a squeeze of lemon and a salty potato chip pair nicely.

  3. angel.dionne (verified owner)

    Sometimes, you just want a classic, clean sardine without added herbs and spices. I purchased this tin when I was new to the world of sardines as the larger fish felt a bit intimidating. These fish are quite small compared to some of the larger sardines. They held together nicely on the fork but were not dry. The olive oil that they were packed in was obviously of a good quality — rich and fragrant. I recommend not draining all of the oil. I used it as a dip for a nice, crusty whole wheat baguette. If you’re new to sardines or if you just want something straightforward yet pleasing, I highly recommend this beautiful tin.

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