Ferrigno Les Belles de Marseille Sardines au Pescadou (Stewed in Lemon, Garlic, Parsley)


Sardines stewed in (rather than merely packed in) persillade, which is lemon, garlic, and parsley.

115g (4 oz) tin

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Ingredients: Sardines (Sardina pilchardus) 70%, extra virgin olive oil, water, lemon, garlic, parsley, salt.


  1. shbanana_96 (verified owner)

    Bought a tin of these in a gift order for my dad, who was kind enough to open it immediately and share some straight out of the tin with garlic pita chips. I’m a newbie to tinned fish and usually sensitive to even slightly fishy tastes, but found these so fresh-tasting, flavorful, and addicting. And more importantly, these have my sardine-loving dad’s seal of approval! The lemon rinds plus garlic in olive oil makes for delicious bread dipping or cooking. Bonus, this brand’s tin designs are lovely and the big sardine story on the back is quite charming 🙂

  2. Greg L (verified owner)

    I’m always impressed with the little “extras” in the Ferrigno artwork tins. This was no exception. Tons and tons of parsley, garlic, and lemon peel. The tin contained four sardines (just a hair smaller than I’ve come to expect from Ferrigno) and as described, the sardines are stewed. This leads to a slightly drier, firmer texture. The fish flavor is a bit more muted, but the persillade flavors are formidable in comparison. Both the smell and taste of the lemon, garlic, and parsley were really great. I ate half of these with chopsticks, the other half on crackers. In general, I wouldn’t eat these all the time, but I’ll probably keep them around. I think when I’m in the mood for a stewed sardine, these are perfect. I feel like these could be great in many applications (French bread, salad, even pasta, etc). Easy to recommend based on the flavor, quality, and standing out from most other tins (stewed vs packed).

  3. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Love the brand but ultimately was let down by this tin. Pulled it blind from my RTG shipment (as if I’m playing the lottery) and started eating without looking what variety it was. And … honestly, I couldn’t … tell. Eventually realized which tin it was by finding a lemon slice under the fish. Despite that slice, I didn’t really find much lemon or garlic flavor here nor the volume of mix-ins that I’m used to with these Ferrigno artwork tins. The noticeable dryness of the fish was atypical of what I love about this product line as well. I had wondered if the stewing process could result in a different texture, but I thought if so, it would be justified by bringing deeper flavors along with it. I didn’t find that to be the case.

    If you want a lemon Ferrigno tin with strong lemon flavor, I’d quickly recommend the (unstewed) Sardines a la Bastiaise instead. That tin is simply fantastic. I’ll likely try another ‘stewed’ tin in the future but sorry to say, not this particular one again.

  4. twa101 (verified owner)

    Okay, these were a bit puzzling upon cracking the lid. At first, I thought I grabbed one of the buttered tins that are supposed to be heated up before opening. A lot of fatty looking solids in this one. The four fish looked fine and smelled fantastic, so I decided to give them a go. Quite frankly, they were delicious. The aromatics are very prominent but work well with the fish. Nothing fancy or exotic, but sometimes simple and classic really hits the spot. Texture of the fish was on point as always and while the fatty floating bits were odd, they didn’t bother me at all. The oil was thin and a bit brothy but tasty. Overall, a messy looking, but delicious and quite enjoyable.

  5. Matt (verified owner)

    I had 4 plump sardines greet me upon opening the tin and a very mild pleasant smell wafted up. These were drier than other Ferrigno sardines I’ve had but that’s probably due to these being stewed. The lemon really stuck out flavor wise but I couldn’t taste much of the garlic and parsley. These also had a good amount of scales but nothing terribly off-putting. I ate these with some crusty sourdough, herbed goat cheese and cornichons which made for a delicious snack!

  6. CAleb TEnenbaum (verified owner)

    Would not buy again. The name & description do not much at all to the flavor and experience. They barely had any flavor. They were dry & fatty without a redeeming quality. The oil they were in was not enjoyable, we dumped it down the drain and ate the sardines simply for the nutritional factor!

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