Flower Moroccan Spiced Sardines


Something of a minor cult classic among the kind of tinned seafood fans who make regular pilgrimages to ethnic grocery stores in their quest to try all the sardines. This is a sardine with superfans.

The tin I sampled had three big and one small fish. They were firm and fell apart as I worked them onto crackers with my fork. They weren’t pretty but they were definitely pretty good

124g (4.38 oz) tin

Pictured with scrambled eggs and sourdough toast.

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Ingredients: Sardines, Olive Oil, Spices (Chile Pepper (Piri-piri), Bay, Clove, Peppercorn), Carrot, Gherkin, Salt


  1. fibersides (verified owner)

    You’ve had your Nuri’s, you may prefer Porthos or some other Portuguese pilchard, but let me tell you, Flower is where it’s at!

    This is the standard “Portuguese piri piri style,” with the pickle, pepper, carrot, bay leaf (or laurel), and clove in the can, but to me, these are every bit as good… And for half the price. You might get an extra scale or two, or maybe the fish is a little soft, but if you want a daily deen driver, then you’ve found it here.

  2. Jeff (verified owner)

    Moroccan sardines, in my experience, tend to be a bit scaly, and these Flower sardines are no exception. That said, I’ve sampled two tins of these thus far in both cases there were scales, but not many – just enough to add a bit of interesting texture without being a bother, but enough about scales… These are absolutely delicious.

    If you love Nuri spiced sardines, but don’t love blowing through your sardine budget (you do have a sardine budget, right?) you can get a similar experience for nearly half the price. Yes, these Flower sardines are a bit less refined, maybe with a sharper spicy note and a bit of inconsistency in texture, but dropped on top of a slice of toast, a cracker, a bowl of warm rice, or mixed into some noodles, you’ll finish up with a smile on your face all the same.

    Is there a better tin of sardines out there? Yes. Is there a better tin of sardines out there at this price? Probably not.

  3. Patrick Hachey (verified owner)

    For starters, these are not the prettiest sardines I’ve seen so far. They are packed in somewhat haphazardly and have visible scales. What I’m most pleasantly surprised by, upon first bite, is the spice level. That seems to be what these sardines do best. Its not like the La Croix of sardines where the spice was in another room when they were canned. These actually have a kick to them. As far as the rest of the seasonings go, they are rather salty and the clove sometimes overpowers the other aspects. Texturally they are firm, not too dry, and pretty consistent throughout, with the occasional errant scale here and there.

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