Forager’s Garden, The


by Anna Locke

176 pages

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A handy, accessible guide to creating your own paradise plot where you can forage throughout the year

Anna Locke condenses years of hands-on experience to walk you through the skills and techniques you need to design and plant a delicious, useful, and thriving garden in town or country that is also a haven for wildlife as well as for humans. She encourages us to see our gardens as part of a bigger, local food strategy that can help to generate abundance, health and resilience.

This book provides:

  • An overview of organic gardening techniques—great for the beginner
  • A basic, accessible guide to designing your garden
  • Insights into how to plant guilds and choose what is right for your space
  • Valuable information on how ‘weeds’ can become harvests
  • A choice of nutritious, seasonal plants for any sized plot
  • Techniques to grow maximum food with minimal work
  • Practices that reconnect you with Nature and enhance well-being
  • Money saving tips to make a forager’s garden available to anyone!

The Forager’s Garden demonstrates one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways possible to grow and harvest food.


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