Groix & Nature Lobster Rillettes with Kari Gosse


Lobster you know, rillettes you probably know (or can figure out), but Kari Goss? You might need some help with that one. We’re here to help.

Kari Goss is a blend of spices from Brittany similar to (but distinct from) curry powder. Legend has it that a pharmacist named Goss was given the secret recipe by a shipwrecked Tamilar (Kari means sauce in Tamil). The clove-heavy blend marries perfectly with the seafoods of the Brittany coast, including the Blue Lobster used to make these rillettes. We taste-tested these a few ways, and while we find them pretty scrump just smeared onto good bread or crackers, we feel that the spices benefit from being warmed and highly recommend using this product in ways that let the aromatics shine. Broiled stuffed mushrooms, or other baked hors d’oeuvres is where it will really wow you.

100g (3.5 oz) jar

Pictured with fettuccini, puttanesca sauce, crostini, and kale microgreens.

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Ingredients: Lobster (30.5%) (Homarus gammarus), Liquid Cream (Cream, Carrageenans), Pollock, Scallop, Shallots, Carrots, Butter (Cream, Lactic Ferments), Wheat Flour, Milk Proteins and Lactose, Sea Salt, Parsley, Garlic, Kari Gosse (0.05%) (Ginger, Turmeric, Cloves, Chili Pepper, Cinnamon, Pepper).

Contains: Milk, Fish, Wheat, Crustacean, Shellfish. May contain traces of Treenuts.

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  1. Yuliya (verified owner)

    The rillettes had an exquisite taste and texture that was unexpected with a tinned product. There were chunks of lobster meat within the delicate pate that gave it a very luxurious mouthfeel. While the taste of lobster was clear and fresh, it wasn’t overpowering and was complemented by the cream in the product. However, I couldn’t really discern the flavor of the kari gosse, it was very subtle. Nevertheless it made for a fantastic appetizer when served on toast with roasted bell pepper and heated under the broiler.

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