Güeyu Mar Chargrilled Octopus (Pulpo a la Brasa)


The same octopus that they grill on their grates in Vega de Ribadesella Beach, put in a can brimming with freshness.

Don’t throw away the delicious juice that covers the octopus. With an immersion blender (or a whisk), add a splash of vinegar, then gradually add a thread of olive oil, a pinch of paprika and salt to taste and you’ll have made the perfect mayonnaise as accompaniment.

A fun fact about the artwork, “Abrasado” means grilled using only the embers of previously lit charcoal. “Abrazado,” however, means to be hugged or embraced. The artwork is based on a play on words referring to these two words.

160g tin

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Ingredients: octopus (Octopus vulgaris), extra virgin olive oil and salt

Check out Matthew Carlson exploring this tin in his version of “Tinned Fish Date Night”.


  1. Tommy Phannareth (verified owner)

    Pretty neutral tasting, didn’t really get much in the way of grill flavor.

  2. vasqa670 (verified owner)

    The pieces of octopus are beautiful! I was so impressed when I opened up the can. Yes, I was hoping to taste more of a grilled flavor, but if you’re looking for nice pieces of octopus, you’ve got it here

  3. kcward (verified owner)

    This was good, even great. Absolutely loved it. Thing is, though, I could make roughly similar in house, or order takeout/delivery for about half the price. It’s lovely and convenient, but I just can’t go here for the price. Cooking Octopus is not that hard.

  4. An Nguyen (verified owner)

    I found some pretty substantial octopus pieces in this can, which was nice. The taste is very mild and I didn’t get too much smokiness/grilled flavour as I had hoped to.

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