Güeyu Mar Chargrilled Sardine Tails in Spicy Escabeche (Colas en Escabeche Picante)


Large sardines roasted with holm oak wood and canned in the Arbequina de Castillo de Canena brand Extra Virgin Olive Oil, alongside apple cider vinegar and aromatic spices. This is the spicy version, also available in regular escabeche.

150g tin

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Ingredients: sardine tails, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, salt and spices

A simple method for emulsifying escabeche to make a sauce for serving.

We also sell the frother used in these videos.

The terms “spiced” and “spicy” are used pretty much interchangeably in the tinned fish world, to mean two different things: with a hot pepper (or hot pepper flavor), and with cloves/bay/carrot/hot pepper. There are many examples of both terms being used to mean both things.

We are so frustrated by how widespread this confusing inconsistent usage is that we’ve gone through our entire product line to correct the incorrect ones such that our description of “spiced” or “spicy” will always indicate which it really is, regardless of the packaging. “Spicy” = with hot pepper flavor. “Spiced” = with the cloves/bay/carrot/hot pepper flavors.


  1. vasqa670 (verified owner)

    These are larger pieces and the spicy sauce was very nice! I liked this tin as the amount of spice was right and the sardines were tasty

  2. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    The BEST large sardines that I’ve ever eaten, without a doubt. And even though I’m more of a sprat person, these immediately go in my sardine top 4. Texture is absolutely perfect all the way through, consistently medium-soft and flaky with flawless moisture. Massive “sardine tails” that are as big as any *full* sardine I’ve ever had, which means that these are overwhelmingly satisfying in the best of meaty ways. I ate these by themselves straight out of the tin and wasn’t tempted to add a thing. The grilled flavor was slight but present, resulting in an ever-so-slightly softer surface that almost hit a salt-cured anchovy note in my brain. The escabeche was delicious, light, well-rounded and even stuck to the sardine fairly well during alligator rolls but … where’s the picante? On a spicy scale of 1 to 5, these are a 1. Seriously, no heat at all. I drank the liquid afterwards to make sure I wasn’t missing it but it’s … not … there.

    Despite not being spicy, these are simply a spectacular experience. Are they worth the price? Tough call, it’s such a steep price but I could easily make a case for it (especially if you’re sharing the tin with others). This Güeyu Mar tin hits a level of quality/flavor/texture that I didn’t know was possible for a large sardine. I’ll be returning to this brand for the most special of special occasions.

  3. Kristine (verified owner)

    Wow wow wow. This was a lovely treat — a memorable 5 out of 5 for me. I had to do a double take and make sure I was having the spicy escabeche as there wasn’t a hint of spice from these at all. With that said, I think the seasoning works really well with the chargrilled preparation of these tins. What you get is a subtle acidity that enhances the charred sardine tails. This will be a great occasional treat for me. I would now say that the spicy escabeche closely followed by the original are my preferred preparation for the Gueyu Mar sardine tails. Hoping to be able to try the loin version of these for comparison purposes.

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