Gulf of Maine Conservas Smoked Eel in Olive Oil


You know how the cans of eel you can get at Asian markets are tough and gnarly and almost candied? That’s not what this is. At all. This is like if lox were thick-cut bacon.  An astoundingly good tin of fish. We are positively gobsmacked. Knocked out. Wowed.

6 oz tin.

Gulf of Maine Conservas Smoked Eel in Olive Oil pictured with herbed cream cheese on toast, garnished with pickled shallots and parsley.

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Ingredients: Smoked American Eel (Anguilla rostrata), Olive Oil

See what Matthew Carlson has to say about this smoked eel.


  1. Jeff (verified owner)

    This tin of eel is an experience. While there are many tins deserving of 5 star reviews, this one needs a 5+ option to represent how much of a stand out it is.

    Opening the tin presents an aroma of gentle smoke and a visual palette of golden brown and light caramel filet pieces suspended in olive oil. I found bite and mouthful sized bits of filet and a shallow lining of minced bits at the bottom of the can.

    On its own, the eel is a strong, flavorful bite – sweet, mild fish, salt, smoke, fat. Mixed with a bit of rice, it’s sublime, with the layers of flavors combined with the array of soft and firm textures, with a trailing sense of the fat lingering on the tongue, there’s not much that could make this better but for a bit of acid to cut through the fattiness.

    Yes, this tin is a splurge. Yes, it is worth it.

  2. Fisheye (verified owner)

    I opened this can expecting to find nice, meaty fillets, but instead I was greeted with a lot of small, broken pieces. The flavor was also stronger than I’m used to with eel, which I’ve had prepared a lot of different ways over the years and generally found mild. I actually checked the can to make sure I hadn’t opened the tuna by mistake.

    The smoke is prominent but not overpowering, and it’s pretty salty so definitely better with accompaniments. I made a sandwich with onion, lettuce, and tomato. Overall, it’s something different and interesting to try.

  3. jacob.harris.122 (verified owner)

    Wowzers. This takes me back to eating lox (smoked salmon) on a bagel at my grandparents house as a kid. It’s just as rich and pleasantly smokey as the best lox I’ve ever had. I shared this with three other people, experienced a-fish-ianados and canned seafood newbies, with a spread of other tinned items and it was everyone’s favorite. I almost wish I didn’t like this so much so I didn’t have to spend $40 again.

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